5th July 2018

3.4 Chapter One

Bottle it up. Keep it together. Don’t yell, it will only give her a reaction. I know I can ride this out, it’s just until the end of the school year then I don’t have to see her smug face ever again, and when that day comes I know I will get as far away from her as possible. Suddenly my train of thought is brought to a swift halt yet again when her shrill cry fills my space. “So are you going to say something or just stare at me like a fucking idiot.” as I deflect her words, I must come up with some excuse, some bullshit that’ll satisfy her without creating more backlash for me, it’s always a game of chess; her versus me and somehow I always let her win. “Look I’m sorry Laura, I’m wrong as always, lets just put this behind us.” A white flag put into words. The exact reaction I expected is produced; that sadistic and crooked smile that forms between her parting lips, indicating that she and I both know her power play has worked. I could wipe that grin off her face in an instant if I really wanted, just slap her right on those freckled cheeks and see who’s smiling then. But I won’t, not out of fear, but exhaustion. She has worn me down mentally to the point of numbness and quite honestly, it’s how I’ll stay

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