The scene in Minority Report where the Spiders are introduced displays an invasion of privacy by the state, and the normality of this within the occupants lives of this society. Many non-diegetic sounds are used by the director to convey this message onto the audience, such as the use of violin music in times of build up, where the main character finds himself furiously searching for a means of hiding from these spiders (without the use of sight), and the enhanced diegetic sound of the spiders moving. When the sound of the spiders moving is enhanced it gives the viewer insight into how cold and mechanical the spiders are, and reminds the viewer that they are not sentient beings, they have one sole purpose. The shots used also give perspective into the prying nature of this government, as many god’s-eye-view shots are used, implying that the reader is peering into people’s private lives, such as when there is an arguing couple in a room, and yet they are almost totally unbothered by the spiders taking a scan of their eyes, as straight after they continue to argue. All of these techniques are used to show the lack of respect the government has for the privacy of its residents and how this can affect everyday life.

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